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Grain & Feed Association of Illinois Announces Staff Position Opening

Date Posted: January 28, 2013

Due to the increased participation in the Safety‐Health and Environmental Services Program and the GFIA Energy Consortium along with the opening of the Asmark Institute Agricenter, we are pleased to announce the opening of a new position.

The following provides some general information about the opening but is not intended to be a comprehensive job description:

Job Title: Associate Director, Safety‐Health‐Environmental Services Program

Account Service Manager, GFAI Energy Consortium

Broad description:

• Assist in providing quality safety training programs to members of the Grain and Feed Association of Illinois and other stakeholders through on‐site training programs at member’s facilities and at the Asmark Agricenter in Bloomington.

• Provide assistance to members in permit completion and compliance

• Develop new program for members to stay in compliance with safety and regulatory needs

• Respond to member needs related to the GFAI Energy Consortium. In addition, promote/sell the program while at member facilities.

Job Responsibilities:

• Provide OSHA training specifically related to the Grain Handling Standard and other industry related issues to members of the Safety‐Health‐Environmental Services Program at their facilities or other designated location.

• Assist members with EPA permits as requested

• Become certified to conduct opacity tests at member facilities

• Assist at the Asmark Agricenter to provide hands on training

• Assist members with other regulatory needs – i.e. FDA and Food Safety Modernization Act, trucking regulations

• Meet and consult with OSHA, EPA and other governmental agencies as needed.

• Respond to member inquires related to the GFAI Energy Consortium

• Assist with rate questions tied to the GFAI Energy Consortium

• Write articles for both the SHES Program and the GFAI Energy Consortium

• Meet and consult with utility companies as needed to help members

Desired (but not mandatory) Characteristics:

• Familiarity with the grain and feed industry

• Possessing an agricultural background

• Degree in safety or related field

• Comfortable giving training presentations to groups from 2 to 200

• Self‐starter with the ability to work independently

• Computer skills – Microsoft Office, especially Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Other considerations:

• This position will require approximately 60% travel within the State of Illinois including some overnight stays away from home. During some weeks of the year it could be as much as 100% travel however other times of the year it could be considerably less.

• There may be times out‐of‐state travel may be required however it is typically limited.

• The person selected will use their own vehicle for travel however mileage reimbursement at the standard IRS business rate is paid. Also, some display and training materials can be heavy and or awkward. A demonstration of the ability to move and handle the equipment will be necessary


• The safety part of the position will report to John Lee, Director, Safety‐Health‐Environmental Services Program and the Energy Consortium part of the job will report to Jeff Adkisson, Executive Vice President.

Compensation and benefits will be discussed with serious candidates and background checks will be performed.

Interested candidates should e‐mail their resume to Jeff Adkisson at by Thursday, January 31 or send by US Mail to arrive by Thursday, January 31.

Our address is 3521 Hollis Drive, Springfield, IL 62711.

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