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Grain on The Ground: ND Public Services Commission Reports 10.8 Million Bushels of Licensed Bunker Storage at 11 Different Locations

Date Posted: November 16, 2012

Reprinted by permission from the North Dakota Grain Dealers Assn. Grainmen's Mirror, Nov. 2012, V. 96, No. 11.

As of October 31 the ND Public Service Commission Licensing Division reported 10,821,000 bushels of licensed bunker storage at 11 different locations.

The biggest number was 2,235,000 bushels.

Licensed ground storage as of that date was 46,971,000 bushels at 81 locations.

Fifty of those were in the 250,000 – 800,000 bushel range.

Twelve were at 1 million or more.

Tops was 3,500,000.

That’s a total of 57,792,000 bushels at state-licensed elevators. This does not account for grain on the ground at federally-licensed elevators.

Almost 30% of ND elevator locations have a federal warehouse license.

These also have a state facility-based grain buyers license, but that doesn’t include storage.

Licensed capacity doesn’t mean all those bushels are out there.

An elevator might anticipate a million bushel pile, get bond and license for it, but then might actually pile less.

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