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IBT Industrial Solutions Opens New Grain Division

Date Posted: August 15, 2013

IBT Industrial Solutions announced July 19 that it has opened an entirely new division dedicated to servicing the grain industry.

“We’ve always been involved in the grain industry with other products like motors, gearboxes, and bearings, but we will now have a more dedicated focus with conveyor belting, buckets, sheet goods, and more,” said Scott Kesner, Director of the Industrial Rubber Products Group for IBT.

“This is just an extension of what we’ve always done—but with a major focus.”

A new 48,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility in Wichita, KS will offer a full spectrum of products and services for IBT’s customers.

The Grain Division will include the support of IBT’s sales staff to provide enhanced services to existing grain customers nationwide.

The new building is located at 2525 South Sheridan in Wichita.

“We want our customers to know that we’ve made a significant commitment to supply products and services to the grain industry,” Kesner said.

He added that IBT currently serves feed lots, millwrights, and grain OEM’s throughout the Midwest and nationwide.

Grain industry experts Gary Hueser and Joe Altenhofen will join Kesner to offer customers a variety of industrial products and services, including:

• Grain belting.

• Buckets.

• UHMW and urethane sheeting.

• Lagging.

• Ceramic tile.

• Hose.

In addition, the team—which has more than 50 years’ combined experience serving grain customers—will offer full punching and fabrication capabilities, using an automated, 84-inch state-of-the-art hole punching machine.

“This improves the one-stop shopping opportunities for all of IBT’s existing customers,” said Kesner.

“Businesses buy motors and sprockets from us, but now they can also buy their grain products.

"This new division allows us to expand our belting expertise throughout the grain industry."

For more information, call 913-677-3151.

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