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ISA to Push Congress For New Farm Bill

Date Posted: January 2, 2013

Bloomington, IL—The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) recognizes Congress for passing legislation that extends parts of the 2008 farm bill through September, makes permanent changes to the estate tax, and extends the biodiesel tax incentive retroactive to 2012 and on through 2013.

"As part of the 'fiscal cliff' package, the Senate and House reached a deal that will help soybean farmers manage risk and allow important foreign market development programs to continue," said ISA Chairman Bill Wykes.

"This bill helps to eliminate some uncertainty that our farmers have been facing. We will continue to push the next Congress for a longer-term bill that provides more stability for our soybean farmers."

The one-year extension extends some provisions of the 2008 farm bill, which expired Oct. 1, 2012, through September 2013 and gives lawmakers another year to decide details on the next farm bill.

ISA, with funding from membership dollars, and other farm groups had been pushing for a five-year bill that was approved by the Senate in June and approved by the House Agriculture Committee in July.

With this extension, ISA will continue to work with congressional leaders on a longer-term bill.

In the next farm bill, ISA has been seeking long-term risk management and disaster assistance, certainty in programs to help manage risk in order to make decisions that will affect operations over the long-term, and a safety net that is more effective, efficient and defensible than current legislation based on a new revenue-based program that improves risk management.

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