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State Ethanol Profile: Illinois

Date Posted: September 10, 2007

This information is taken from the American Coalition for Ethanol STATUS 2008 State by State Handbook. It was compiled in March 2007.

Population: 12.8 million (2006) ranked 5th

Licensed Drivers: 7,870,900 (2005)

Gasoline Consumption: 5.11 BGY (2006)

Potential Ethanol Use in E10: 511 MGY (2006

2008 Legislative Session: Convenes January 9, 2008 Adjourns January 13, 2009

Labeling Laws

Label Requirements (815 ILCS 370/4 from Chapter 5, Paragraph 1704.1):

• If the fuel contains at least 1% ethanol, a label must identify the maximum percent to the nearest whole number. Such labeling must be positioned within the top 30% of the height of the dispenser and exhibit contrasting colors with block letters at least 1/2 " in height and 1/4" in width.

Number of Retail E85 Stations

• 157

Ethanol Incentives

Grant Assistance

• A $15 million grant fund is available for the construction or expansion of ethanol or biodiesel plants.

• Retail Pump Incentive for Ethanol-Blended Fuel (35 ILCS 505 Motor Fuels Tax)

• Beginning July 1, 2003, a 2% sales tax exemption is allowed for proceeds from the sales of E10, E85, and biodiesel. The tax applies to 80% of the proceeds from sales of E10. No tax applies to sales of E85. Tax exemptions expire on December 31, 2013.

Fuel Tax

• Gasoline and Ethanol Blends: 19 cents/gallon

• Other Taxes: 20.5 cents/gallon

Fuel Formulations

• Madison, Monroe, and St. Clair counties use 7.2 lb RVP gasoline from June 1 through September 15.

• Northern Grade RFG requirements apply in Cook, Du Page, Grundy (Aux Sable and Goose Lake only), Kane, Kendall (Oswego Township only), Lake, McHenry and Will. Illinois hass petitioned EPA for four counties, Madison, MOnroe, St. Clair and Jersey, to opt into the RFG program.

• Ethanol blends of 10% receive a 1lb. RVP waiver in non-RFG areas.

Estimated Total Corn Production

• 2,283,750,000 bushels (2007)

Total Ethanol Production

• at least 373 MGY (2008) ranked 5th


• Crude Oil Proved Reserves: 95 million barrels (2005) ranked 14th (1%)

• Crude Oil Production: 26,300 barrels per day (2007) ranked 14th (1%)

• Total Producing Oil Wells: 16,228 (2006)

• Rotary Rigs in Operation: 0


Major Pipelines

• Crude Oil: BP Amoco, Exxon/Mobil, Lakehead

• Product: Badger, Transmontaigne, TEPPCO, TEXACO, Phillips, BP Amoco, Explorer, Shell, Marathon, West Shore, Magellan



• Distillation capacity of 632,500 BCD (2007)

• PDV Midwest Refining LLC (Lemont @ 170,500 BCD)

• Marathon Petroleum Co. LLC (Robinson @ 213,000 BCD)

• ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Co. (Joliet @ 248,500 BCD)

• ConocoPhillips (Wood River @ 306,000 BCD)

Gasoline Stations

• 5,100 outlets (2005) or about 3% of the nation's total

For more information, call the American Coalition for Ethanol at 605-334-3381

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