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Illinois Soybean Industry Seeks 2012 Soybean Samples For Analysis

Date Posted: September 6, 2012

Bloomington, IL—For Illinois soybeans to remain competitive in the global marketplace, protein and oil levels within the soybeans must meet customer needs better than soybeans from other states and countries.

The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA), with funding from the Illinois soybean checkoff, is joining forces with other soybean groups to gather soybean samples from local elevators and measure protein and oil levels statewide.

"Beyond the elevator, beans are valued primarily for their protein and oil," says Tim Seifert, soybean farmer from Auburn, Ill., and ISA director.

"Data from the U.S. Soybean Export Council Soybean Quality Survey show soybean protein and oil levels are decreasing at the state level, but we currently lack data showing composition at the local level."

Illinois elevator personnel are asked to collect up to six soybean samples during harvest.

ISA will provide prepaid collection kits and cover the costs of testing protein and oil levels.

"With sufficient elevator participation, we hope the data will map where composition is already good, and where composition can improve," says Seifert.

ISA is partnering with Centrec Consulting Group, LLC, and the Illinois Crop Improvement Association to test samples for protein and oil levels.

Results will be presented at a regional level.

All specific farm and elevator data will remain confidential.

"It is in the grain industry's best interest to supply end users with the products they need," says Steve Dennis, grain department manager with Evergreen FS, Inc.

"The collaborative effort this fall to sample and test component levels is a step in the right direction toward identifying how we can work together to improve soybean composition."

Participating elevators will receive results from their samples along with a summary of all results.

ISA directors believe the local baseline data, along with variety information from the Varietal Information Program for Soybeans (, can help Illinois farmers select varieties that deliver high protein and oil along with high yield.

ISA's ultimate goal is for better soybean composition to help strengthen local cash basis levels at elevators.

Elevators that are willing to contribute samples this fall should contact Pat Herron at or 217-352-1190 by Friday, Sept. 14.

for more information, call 309-808-3610.

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