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Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Publishes New Demonstration Video of Magnetic Separator for Pneumatic Lines

Date Posted: February 27, 2014

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (IMI) recently released a new demonstration video of their Exposed Pole (EP) Tube Magnet for pneumatic line separation, showing how metal contaminants are captured in the unit's magnetic field.

Regional Sales Manager Paul Hardy points out the magnets' features and demonstrates how to operate and clean the magnet from collected Tramp Metal.

Used ahead of processing equipment and bulk load-out stations to ensure product purity and protect machinery from tramp metal damage, the EP Tube Magnet is ideal for use in dilute or dense phase systems, especially where degradation is a concern.

Typical applications include the processing of pelletized foods, feed or grain, fibrous products, or products that have a higher moisture content with a tendency to clog or congeal. To view the video, visit the EP Tube product page on their website or the company's YouTube channel.

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