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Input Capital Corp. Invests in Canada Canola Industry

Date Posted: January 13, 2014

Regina, SK—Input Capital Corp. ("Input") (TSX Venture Exchange: INP) expressed its support Jan. 10 for the Canola Council of Canada's new 10-year plan to capitalize on the world's growing appetite for healthier oils and protein.

The Council announced Dec. 9 its goal to increase canola production in Canada to meet 26 million tonnes of global demand and boost yield to an average of 52 bushels/acre by 2025.

Input CEO Doug Emsley said, "Not only do we support the Canola Council's plans to continue increasing canola crop yields, we're investing in it. To date, we've raised over $65 million to invest in canola streaming deals with Canadian canola farmers. Our program is designed specifically to make farmers more profitable and help them grow the canola yield potential on their farms."

Input Vice-President of Market Development Gord Nystuen said, "Farmers across western Canada are discovering the benefit that comes from having a solid, well-capitalized financial partner.

"We provide cash to strengthen the balance sheets of Canadian canola farmers so they can take advantage of the many exciting opportunities for higher canola yields and profitability."

Input Capital recently launched a new website for Canadian canola farmers about canola streaming at

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