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International Grains Program Hosts Global Participants at Extrusion Processing Short Course

Date Posted: August 27, 2012

Manhattan, KS—Twenty-nine Individuals involved in the food, pet food and feed industry journeyed to Kansas State University’s International Grains Program to improve their extrusion knowledge.

During the Extrusion Processing: Technology and Commercialization short course held August 7-10, 2012, participants had the opportunity to be a part of formal presentations as well as hands-on extrusion laboratories.

“Topic ranging from the fundamentals of extrusion technology, hardware, and various applications in the food, pet food and aquatic feed industries were covered.

"Also the intricacies of setting up an extrusion-based business including capital decision-making and strategic planning were addressed in this course,” says Sajid Alavi, course coordinator and associate professor of grain science and industry.

The course included presentations from several experts from industry and academia, hands-on experience with breakfast cereal and pet food production in the KSU pilot-scale extrusion lab, a field trip to Wenger Manufacturing, a special lab session on the science of sensory analysis and consumer acceptance applied to extruded products, and a strategic business planning session through which participants gained a business perspective of the extrusion process and how to plan a successful company.

The field trip to Wenger Manufacturing in Sabetha, Kan., allowed the group to see a demonstration of the extrusion process for textured soy products firsthand as well as see the extrusion equipment.

“I completely understand the system and my company was very happy with the report that I produced and they are interested in purchasing this equipment,” says Mahendra Ramdular, Trididad and Tobago Agribusiness Association.

The participant group included individuals from student interns to vice presidents of research and development.

Not only did they learn about the advances in technology, but they also had the opportunity to network with each other.

Alavi understands the importance of gaining and building a business relationship and that is why he believes networking is an important aspect of this course.

“Participants come from around the world to learn the technology, but also for the opportunity to interact with our speakers and each other,” Alavi says.

This is just one example of the many partnership trainings offered through IGP.

In addition, IGP offers trainings in the areas of feed manufacturing and grain management, flour milling and grain processing, and grain marketing and risk management.

To learn about the training opportunities offered by IGP please visit the IGP website at

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