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International Grains Program Offers Flour Courses in August

Date Posted: June 17, 2014

Manhattan, KS—Buhler, Inc. will team up with Kansas State University’s IGP Institute in August to offer two Spanish-language specialty trainings.

Leading off is the Buhler-KSU Executive Milling course set for August 11-15, 2014 at the IGP Conference Center.

The following week IGP will host the Buhler-KSU Wheat to Bread course planned for August 18-21, 2014.

Both courses are taught by Spanish-speaking instructors.

“Buhler is a great educational partner of the IGP Institute,” says Mark Fowler, IGP associate director and milling specialist.

He adds, “In this global milling industry, we are glad to offer trainings tailored to our native Spanish speakers.”

Buhler-KSU Executive Milling

The Buhler-KSU Executive Milling course aims to give company owners and managers an overview of the milling process to help them better understand the tasks their employees perform.

No prior milling experience is required to participate in this offering. The course will be instructed by Ralph Linnemann, flour milling expert from the Buhler Training Center in Uzwil, Switzerland.

“This course is designed to help participants gain a strong understanding of the underlying principles of the milling process and the parameters that can be influenced by either raw material or the milling system,” Fowler says.

Course topics for this training include raw materials, cleaning systems, milling systems, finished product handling and storage, performance evaluation in a flour mill, and factors that influence an investment decision and basics in aspiration.

Also included in this course will be hands-on exercises demonstrating the influences of wheat characteristics on yield and mill performance, special systems for mycotoxin reduction and top quality flour production, machine and flow sheet technology, system design and various tempering philosophies, among other topics.

Former course participant, Dineh John, quality assurance analyst for Navajo Agricultural Production industry highly valued the expertise of the instructors.

“The instructors are very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend this course to anyone at any level. Even if you are someone who is just starting out in milling, you go away from this course learning a lot,” John says.

Buhler-KSU Wheat to Bread

New to the IGP Institute in 2014 is the first-ever Buhler-KSU Wheat to Bread course.

This training will cover topics including raw material, cleaning and conditioning of wheat, flour mill operation, and finished product handling and bakery. “As part of our mission to be innovative industry leaders, we are excited to be offering this first time course with our Buhler partner,” says Fowler.

He adds, “Buhler has lead this class for its European clientele and we are excited to be bringing it to North America.”

There is no prior milling experience required to take this course that is geared for mix plant owners, millers, bakers, directors and managers, among others.

Course Registration

Registration fees for each of the courses are $1,900 for International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) members and $2,100 for non-members. Registrations for both courses must be completed by mid-July.

Registration must be completed through IAOM.

In addition to flour milling and grain processing, the IGP Institute offers standard courses in grain marketing and risk management, and fee manufacturing and grain management.

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