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Kansas Wheat Harvest Report Day 10

Date Posted: July 3, 2014

This is Day 10 of the 2014 Kansas Wheat Harvest Reports, brought to you by the Kansas Wheat Commission, Kansas Association of Wheat Growers and Kansas Grain and Feed Association.

Harvest will continue over the weekend as most Kansans pause to celebrate Independence Day.

Fields statewide are slowly drying up, but cooler weather has lengthened the drying process.

Statewide yields are highly varying, but the trend of increased weed pressure, due to the late season rains, is still affecting Kansas wheat farmers.

Ron Suppes, a farmer from Dighton and Chairman of the Kansas Wheat Commission, reported that he is averaging about 20 bushels an acre on his wheat in Lane County, but in Scott County his average has risen up to 30 bushels an acre.

While still less than an average year, he is pleasantly surprised. Suppes said, "I feel fortunate to have what we do."

The area has also seen an influx of rain, something that western Kansans haven't seen much of in the last four years.

Suppes said, "We're dealing with something new for us this year. It's a new experience called mud."

He reported that his protein content is at 14% and moisture at 12-14%. Test weights are holding steady at 60-61.5 pounds per bushel, but may fall with more showers.

Suppes said that had it not been for the cool weather and last minute moisture, his crop would have been a bust.

Dell Princ, representative of Midway Coop Association in Osborne, said that farmers had been cutting wheat for a little over two weeks. However, in June alone, Osborne received 8" of rain.

This has resulted in some minor dockage issues with the resulting sudden increase in weed pressure. Currently, Princ said that he has gotten a variety of yields from 5-50 bushels an acre.

Before the showers, test weights were averaging 61 pounds per bushel, but after the rains the average has dropped to 59.

Protein content is coming in at 13.5-14%, a higher than normal average for the area. Princ reported that this year is shaping up to be similar to last year with the lower than average yields.

Jay Armstrong, a farmer from Muscotah, reported his wheat crop yielded from 62-63 bushels an acre, but other farmers in the area are reporting even higher yields.

Varieties that are performing well include Everest and WB Cedar.

The rains have also affected the test weights of the area's crop.

Before the showers Armstrong had over 60 pounds per bushel test weight, but now they are seeing test weights as low as 55 pounds per bushel. Moisture levels are higher than normal, and Armstrong said that the increase in weed pressure is causing issues for local farmers.

For Armstrong's crop, his yields dropped about 4-5 bushels an acre this year in comparison to last year.

But he also noted that the last two years for the area had been exceptional crops, so they would have been difficult to top.

The 2014 Harvest Report is brought to you by Kansas Wheat Commission, Kansas Association of Wheat Growers and Kansas Grain and Feed Association.

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