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Landmark Services Cooperative to Hold Grain Bin Rescue and Training Event For Local Firefighters at Cambria, WI Location

Date Posted: June 23, 2014

Landmark Services Cooperative June 30 will hold a grain bin rescue and training event at its Cambria, WI location (County Road P, Cambria, WI 53923).

At the event, Dale Ekdahl of Outside Data, LLC, and members of the Landmark Animal Nutrition and Grain teams will provide hands-on training to area firefighters to prevent grain bin injuries and safely rescue producers caught in grain bin accidents.

This training event is offered to area fire departments, including firefighters from Cambria, Friesland and Fall River, Wis.

Though the event is not open to the public, media are invited to attend this hands-on training session in order to share preventative and safety tips with those working in grain bins.

Topics of discussion/demonstration include:

• Hands-on safety practicing: Firefighters will learn rescue strategies and then perform a practice rescue in a semi-hopper filled with corn

• Equipment tips: Safety and rescue equipment and proper uses will be outlined, including the use of a cofferdam

• Review of safe entry procedures for entering the bin safely

• Overview of OSHA guidelines

Matt Solymossy, Landmark Safety Manager, says the cooperative is offering this safety training to protect the safety of producers and firefighters.

“The majority of grain bin accidents happen on family farms in rural areas,” he says.

“Smaller rural fire departments are called in for rescues. These firefighters need to be prepared so as to not be put in danger and to avoid grain entrapments.

"Especially with the wet harvest last year, more people are entering grain bins. Prevention and rescue training will help keep our firefighters and farmers safe.”

For more information, call 608-819-3126.

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