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Larry Antos Retires After 30+ Years at Mathews Company

Date Posted: July 2, 2013

After more than 30 years with Mathews Company, Larry Antos announced that his last day with the company will be Friday, July 5th. Antos began his career with various companies in the oil, electronics and building materials industries.

He was hired at M-C as Credit/Collection Manager in 1983 and was promoted to the position of Controller not long after that.

He was involved in the 1985 merger of B.C. Mathews Co. and Mathews Equipment Co., operating as Mathews Company ever since.

In 1996, Larry was ultimately appointed to President of the company by the Mathews Family.

In a written company announcement made by Dave Mathews and Judy Sedlack, they stated, "The success that we have experienced has been under the leadership of Larry Antos, who has infused new life into the management of this company.

"We are deeply appreciative to him for his knowledge and dedication to Mathews Company, and have appointed Larry, President and Chief Executive Officer. We are confident that under his leadership and guidance, M-C will prosper and grow." After years of successful leadership at the company, in June of 2012, The Mathews Family announced a transition to occur in upper management resulting in Antos stepping down as President and Joseph Shulfer transitioning into the role as President/CEO.

It was very important to the Mathews Family that a smooth transition take place.

Over a period of six months, Antos began to relinquish leadership responsibilities, and Shulfer took over more and more executive duties.

The transition team including Antos, Shulfer, and family members, Deb Batterham and Jeff Sedlack, met regularly to ensure a clear, consistent path for company operations.

At the 2013 Annual Sales Meeting in January, Judy Sedlack made an official company announcement in front of M-C's Dealers that the transition was now complete.

Since that time, Antos has used his expertise working as International Business Manager for the company. As Sales & Marketing Manager, Jeremy Kemp will now be responsible for all company sales, both export and domestic markets.

Kemp will welcome Joe Zimmer, Malcolm Cawston and Elena Fasman to his Global Sales & Marketing team.

Due to Kemp's increased responsibilities, Mike Scherer as Technology Services Manager, will now report to Joseph Shulfer on all matters related to Information Technology thereby allowing Kemp to focus exclusively on the company's sales and marketing efforts.

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