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Martin Vibration Systems Introduces Vaccuum-Mounted Trailor Vibrator to Speed Unloading and Improve Safety

Date Posted: August 2, 2013

Marine City, MI—An innovative air-powered vibrator is helping bulk carriers empty their hopper trailer loads faster and more safely by agitating settled materials and energizing flow, while discouraging common but potentially dangerous manual tactics.

The new design features a quick-attach vacuum mounting base to locate the unit precisely where it’s needed on a given truck or load, rather than being restricted to a permanently-mounted bracket.

Unlike traditional truck vibrators, the MT-FASTTM Hopper Trailer Vibrator needs no mounting bracket, so it can be positioned at corners, valleys or other problem areas where material flow tends to stall.

Because it’s affixed directly to the hopper wall, energy is transferred more efficiently than with a bracket-mounted vibrator.

By expediting material flow, the units reduce unloading times and the risk of personal injury or truck damage that can result from using a pry bar or hammering on hopper walls.

“Different materials may hang up in a variety of locations in a bottom hopper,” observed Mike Lindbeck of MVS.

“Even the same type of material can demonstrate flow variations in different loads or fluctuating weather.

"So using the vacuum mount to allow drivers to choose their own mounting location is critical.”

The new design was engineered to be the first truck vibrator powered by a rig’s air supply that has both the force and location versatility to succeed in this difficult application.

Driven by the onboard compressor, the unit requires less than 15 CFM (424.8 LPM) for effective operation.

The concept is so unique that MVS has applied for a patent on the product.

The new MVS vibrator is a non-impacting linear design to help prevent trailer damage, yet it delivers a powerful 200 pounds of force to move materials effectively.

The low-frequency, high-amplitude energy is well suited to large particle sizes and low bulk density materials, such as grain, meal and other agricultural products.

The quiet, reliable design features adjustable amplitude, while the frequency is factory set for optimum results.

All models are explosion-proof and washdown-safe.

“This design is engineered to help bulk carriers overcome flow problems, even when hauling materials with high moisture content or a high entanglement factor,” Lindbeck added.

“It helps break up settled loads that bridge over the trap and reduces build-up that leads to ratholing.”

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