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Miller ShockFusion™ Horizontal Lifeline System Now Available in DIY Kits Using New Online ShockFusion Selection Guide

Date Posted: July 8, 2013

Franklin, PA—Honeywell Safety Products is now offering new do-it-yourself (DIY) installation kits for its Miller ShockFusion™ Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) Roof Systems: new DIY HLL Kits are available using the new online ShockFusion Selection Guide, accessible via desktop computer, smart phone or tablet.

The new kits are available for simple straight-line configurations and are rated for one to six users. All kits are designed to minimize deflection in the lifeline while effectively managing system forces to maintain a safe connection to the roof structure.

The versatile surface-mounted system adapts to a variety of roof designs and reduces installation time by more than 50 percent.

“These new specially designed ShockFusion Kits deliver the same innovative energy-absorbing design as our custom HLL systems,” says Alex Tsen, Product Marketing Manager – Safety at Heights, Anchorage Systems for Honeywell Safety Products.

“The new ShockFusion Selection Guide ensures customers have convenient access to configure the exact components needed for their specific application.”

Miller ShockFusion HLL Kits offer the following benefits:

• Minimize fall clearance requirements

• Reduce the chance of multiple-worker falls

• Provide for an easier rescue in the event of a fall

• Significantly reduce system forces on the roof

• Eliminate the need to open the roof, reducing the potential of a leak

New Online Miller ShockFusion Selection Guide Features User-Friendly Ordering

With the new Miller Online ShockFusion Selection Guide, customers are just seven steps away from a specially designed straight line system kit for rooftop safety.

After identifying the type of roof—step 1, users then enter the specifications for the (2) attachment kit, (3) system length, (4) connecting device, (5) workers per span, (6) connecting device length and (7) fall clearance. The online Selection Guide builds upon the seven parameters sequentially to determine the components required for each kit.

The result is a Miller straight line ShockFusion Horizontal Lifeline Kit designed for your unique application.

The Online Selection Guide offers users the opportunity to request a quote as well as review or download a PDF of the order summary—all easily accessible from a desktop computer, smart phone or tablet. Each specially designed ShockFusion HLL Kit is assigned a part number for easy reference for ordering from a Miller/Honeywell Distributor.

Visit the ShockFusion Selection Guide at to order, request a quote or learn more.

For more information about Miller ShockFusion Horizontal Lifeline Kits, visit, contact your nearest Miller/Honeywell Distributor, or call Honeywell Technical Service at 800-873-5242.

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