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Monitor Technologies Introduces WirelessEZ Communication Interface For Continuous Level Sensors

Date Posted: August 4, 2014

Elburn, IL—Monitor Technologies is proud to announce the new WirelessEZ communication interface (radio modem).

The WirelessEZ communication interface is a practical option when hard-wiring is not feasible. Examples include: to cross a river, to span a large facility, for remote locations, property is divided by a railroad track, etc.

It provides wireless communication for Monitor Technologies' SiloPatrol® SE (SMU) plumb bob style sensor or Flexar® guided wave radar sensor or customer-supplied equipment utilizing half-duplex RS-485 communications (please consult a Monitor Technologies Application Engineer).

The WirelessEZ Communication Interface is suitable for wire-replacement applications when wired half-duplex RS-485 communication is not practical.

The WirelessEZ uses proven frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology, operating in the 900MHz band, to communicate between two points.

The 900MHzband is a FCC license-free band and offers greater transmission distances, better signal transmission through obstructions and lower signal loss than other available higher frequency bands.

WirelessEZ Communication Interface can beutilized in numerous applications, even with multiple sensor networks and over 100 sensors.

For more details please visit, e-mail or call 1-630-365-9403.

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