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Nextteq Provides Gastec GV100X Pump and Detector Tube System

Date Posted: March 28, 2013

Tampa, FL—Nextteq is proud to provide Gastec’s GV100X pump and innovative line of detector tubes for quick and easy, on the spot, accurate measurements of both pre-plant and post-harvest fumigants.

Gastec designed the economical GV100X piston pump exclusively for the fumigation industry.

With the majority of standard measuring ranges requiring a 100 ml, full pump stroke, there is less sampling time, less chance of errors, no miscalculated strokes and no miscompressions.

No other manufacturer offers a pump exclusively to meet the needs of the fumigation industry. The GV100X Pump is only sold for fumigation applications.

Gastec detector tubes are available to measure Chloropicrin, 1-3 Dichloropropene, Dichlorvos, Methyl Bromide, Methyl Isothiocyanate (MITC), Phosphine and Sulfuryl Fluoride, the most common fumigation chemicals.

No other manufacturer has more SEI-certified (Safety Equipment Institute) tubes than Gastec, including 136LA for Methyl Bromide and 7LA for Phosphine.

Keep your costs down by testing for only the applied fumigant, unlike competitor fumigation test sets which waste unnecessary tubes and add cost when testing for a single, known fumigant.

Gastec GV100X pump and tubes for fumigation can only be purchased through an authorized Nextteq fumigation distributor.

For information on an authorized Nextteq fumigation distributor in your area, please contact Nextteq directly at 877-312-2333 x120 and ask us about the GV100X pump swap program as well.

You can get a free GV100X pump with the purchase of five boxes of Gastec fumigation detector tubes and the trade in of a competitor’s pump.

Gastec Detector Tubes and Gas Sampling Pumps are manufactured by the Gastec Corporation. Nextteq LLC is Gastec’s exclusive U.S. master wholesale distributor.

For more information, call 813-249-5888, ext. 111.

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