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Ohio Corn Yields 291.4 Bu./A. in 2012 Beck Hybrid's 300 Challenge

Date Posted: February 11, 2013

Atlanta, IN (February 11) -- Beck’s Hybrids is pleased to announce the top five participants in the 2012 Beck 300 Challenge. Even with the extreme drought many farmers experienced across the Midwest, the top five participants averaged 265 Bu./A. Gary Wolfe from Nevada, Ohio, is the winner of the 2012 Beck 300 Challenge, with a yield of 291.40 Bu./A.

"Not only was this my first year to participate in the Beck 300 Challenge, but it was my first year to plant Beck's Hybrids," said Gary Wolfe, 2012 Beck 300 Challenge winner. "Typically this field produces good yields, averaging between 180 Bu./A. to 200 Bu./A., but I have never achieved a yield as high as 291 Bu./A."

"The goal of the Beck 300 Challenge is to provide farmers with an opportunity to challenge their own management practices and push the envelope in order to reach higher yields," said Scott Beck, vice president of Beck's Hybrids. "Then, they can take what they learned and apply it to the rest of their farm to increase their whole farm average."

A total of 60 Challenges were completed throughout Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky, resulting in an average yield of 179.26 Bu./A. Compared to neighboring fields, the Beck 300 Challenge fields experienced an average yield increase of 47.20 Bu./A. A total of 19 Challenges utilized Headline AMP® and achieved a 26.35 Bu./A. yield advantage over Challenges with no Headline AMP applied.

"Even after a tough year, the Beck 300 Challenge results are a testament to the value of selecting the right products for the right acres and combining the right management practices at the right time to achieve the ultimate yield," said Beck.

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