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Participate in Entrapment/Engulfment Stand-Down Event With GEAPS Great Plains Chapter and OSHA Region 7

Date Posted: March 24, 2017

Stand-Up For Grain Engulfment Prevention - March 27-31

What is its purpose?

The purpose is to prevent even one entrapment or engulfment tragedy in the grain industry!

The Great Plains Chapter, in alliance with OSHA Region 7, are asking every grain handling facility to participate in an Entrapment/Engulfment Stand-Down during one the week of March 27th-31st.

The goal is to make one small change in an employee’s thought process that leads to the big impact of saving a life.

What makes it innovative or unique?

The goal is to bring the hazards of entrapment and engulfment to the forefront throughout the GEAPS organization as one unified effort.

Imagine thousands of grain handling people all coming together at the same time to recognize this life threatening hazard and make the conscious decision to prevent it!

How is it utilized by the grain industry?

Entrapment and engulfment tragedies continue to plague our industry.

The grain industry must take a leading role in eliminating these life altering events.

How does it improve safety/efficiency?

This effort will improve safety by:

1. Changing the culture of entrapment/engulfment awareness by making it an industry wide effort.

2. Letting those outside our industry see that we are taking charge of this problem and moving toward workable solutions.

3. Improving the morale of employees when they see that their employers care by participating in this event.

4. Education of entrapment and engulfment hazards and solutions.

5. Better emergency preparedness, perhaps involving local emergency responders.

6. Better education of risk management procedures, perhaps involving insurance companies.

This effort will improve efficiency by:

1. Entrapment / engulfment training for all employees at one time.

2. Less downtime due to injured employees.

3. More effective use of tools and procedures that prevent entrapment and engulfment.

We are asking all Grain Facilities and Contractors to partcipate in this event!

Please go to: for more information and educational material.

Make this YOUR event. Safety is in your hands!

How can you prevent Engulfment and Entrapment from happening at our facilities and within our customer base?

The Great Plains Chapter officers are asking you to share your event with us.

• Take pictures of your training (for our Facebook page)

• Give us a little write-up about what you did

• Log in to the Stand Down website and fill in the information on your event to get personalized participation certificates from OSHA


• Send your information to me and I can enter basic data and send your blank certificates for your attendees.

Let’s make this a successful event!

For more information, please contact Barbara Grove at 785-532-2374 or

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