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RCI Safety Hires Carey Bennett as Director of Business Development

Date Posted: June 19, 2013

Horton, KS—RCI Safety is pleased to announce its recent hiring of Carey Bennett who joined the RCI Safety team as Director of Business Development on May 20th.

In this role, Mr. Bennett will be responsible for the development of internal management and leadership development.

Bennett’s extensive background in leadership training, operations management, safety training and people management will help RCI Safety continue to grow as a leader within the safety industry.

Mr. Bennett comes to RCI Safety with 33 years of experience from a Fortune 500 company.

Most recently, he was the Director of Training for CGB Enterprises, a company that is a leader in the grain and transportation industries.

Prior to that he was a safety professional, during which time he led the development of a progressive safety program for CGB Enterprises.

In 2008, he implemented RCI Safety’s Safety Management System (SMS) throughout the company, beginning an upward trend in their safety performance.

This new safety initiative drove CGB to become one of the leaders in employee safety within the grain industry.

Mr. Bennett will work from his home in Ponchatoula, LA and report to CEO Ron Demaray.

With his extensive experience and exceptional leadership, he will help RCI implement the RCI Safety SMS for some of RCI’s newest clients.

“Mr. Bennett will be a tremendous asset to the RCI Safety team and company.

"We are pleased to have him join RCI Safety and are looking forward to his positive contributions.” said Demaray.

For more information, please contact RCI Safety at 800-888-9596 or visit the RCI Safety Website at

About RCI Safety

RCI Safety is a world class leader in the safety industry, providing safer workplace solutions globally.

Conducting business with over 1,000 companies in 46 different countries, RCI has created a web-based Safety Management System (SMS) that will align into any industry.

The development of their SMS has proven effective in altering safety behavior and minimizing risk; and has successfully lowered total incident rates and lessened the severity of accidents for companies both large and small.

Along with their SMS, RCI offers other safety services including: Behavior Based Safety implementation, Third Party Audits, Risk Assessments and more.

Dedicated to protecting the health, well-being and lives of your employees, RCI Safety provides management systems and related services to inspire individuals at all levels to not just practice safety… but live it.

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