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Registration Now Open For GEAPS/K-State Electrical Safety Distance Ed Course

Date Posted: January 24, 2013

Sign up for GEAPS 542: Electrical Safety today!

You'll be glad you did.

GEAPS 542: Electrical Safety focuses on electrical safety for grain processing facilities.

It familiarizes students with different topics relating to electrical safety, such as how electrical safety relates to the hazards of fires and explosions in grain facilities; the different safety standards for lighting, motors and equipment; and safety in the different areas of a grain elevator.

The course will familiarize students with "intrinsically safe" systems, providing information about performing an audit, choosing electrical contractors and understanding repairs and how inspectors work.

This course is designed for industry professionals and current students in related fields who are interested in the basics of safety in grain elevator and processing facilities.

At the end of GEAPS 542: Electrical Safety, students will have a basic understanding of electrical safety requirements for grain elevators and processing facilities so that they understand general electrical standards in a grain facility, the requirements for electric motors and lighting in a grain facility, the different standards for safety, who creates the standards and why they exist and how to identify the classifications in their facility.

Two additional courses are also offered in February.

GEAPS 530: Quality Management Systems introduces students to quality management systems as they are used in agricultural storage environments, and GEAPS 554: Grain Elevator Equipment Maintenance I covers the proper and safe function, monitoring, adjustments, maintenance and repair of equipment used in everyday grain facility operations.

The courses run Feb. 11-March 15, and registration closes Feb. 5.

For more information about the GEAPS/Kansas State University Distance Education Program or the courses, click here, or contact Rose Miller or Chuck House at GEAPS:;; (952) 928-4640.

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