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Snaptivation Asset-Management Service Provides Real-Time Condition-Monitoring Data

Date Posted: August 18, 2014

Roseville, IL—Snaptivation, a division of Fusion Tech Integrated, Inc. (309-774-4275), provides cloud-based asset-management solutions through condition-monitoring technology.

Snaptivation, which was introduced in 2011, is a self-service user interface at the point-of-need that is always accessible through the cloud, using QR code, bar code, or RFID microchip scanning.

Gone are the days of tracking equipment maintenance and calibration by hand or spreadsheet, or losing all of your information if an employee is sick or quits.

Snaptivation keeps all that information in the cloud, and is always accessible via a PC, smart phone, or tablet.


• Creates a paperless manufacturing environment.

• No need for in-plant software installation.

• No large investment in equipment or servers.

• Easy to use and access.

• Scalable and configurable.

• Secure and reliable.

• Point-of-use-data can be accessed anywhere, anytime, with a secure login.

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