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Sudenga Industries Releases New Zero Entry Sweep For Grain Depths of Up to 150 Feet

Date Posted: November 19, 2012

George, IA—Sudenga Industries, Inc. of George, Iowa introduces the new model D150 Sweep Auger.

The D150 is an engineered zero entry commercial grain sweep for grain depths of up to 150 feet.

True Zero Entry: Danger of engulfment exists whenever there is grain present and personnel enter the bin.

A sweep that requires entry to power up or move grain and manually raise the sweep off the floor before it can be engaged, creates a bin entry situation when grain is in its most dangerous inverted cone state.

The D150 is designed with a patent pending self-raising and lowering feature eliminating the need for personnel to prep the sweep prior to filling the bin or engaging the sweep.

When equipped with the Sudenga patent pending above floor collector ring, the D150 can be permanently wired to ensure power is always at the sweep when ready for use.

The most advanced sweep controls in the industry allow the sweep to self-monitor, keeping personnel out of the bin during sweep operation.

The sweep advances, stops or reverses based on operator defined sweep fill level, ensuring the sweep empties the bin at an optimum rate.

Automatic controls can also be overridden from outside the bin if necessary.

Grain is not always in free flowing condition and the Sudenga D150 has been designed to give the operator a fighting chance of moving it.

Grain is aggressively attacked by the sweep as it leads with the auger and has no front wheels to restrict advancement into the grain pile.

The D150 is available with motorized push tractor or track drive options. Both systems are designed to carry the entire weight of the sweep maximizing traction and ensuring positive movement. Additionally, both drive options offer the added benefit of avoiding additional reinforcement tracks on most aeration floor systems.

The Sudenga D150 Commercial Sweep Auger is available in electric or hydraulic drive configurations; for bins up to 139 feet in diameter. 6,000 and 10,000 bushels per hour capacity models are offered.

Ask your bin manufacturer if your bin is capable of being unloaded in a single pass.

Inquire about the Sudenga Extend-A-Sweep if dual pass is required.

Patents apply and/or are pending for portions of the design of the Sudenga D150 Sweep.

For additional information on the Sudenga D150 Sweep, contact: Greg Ver Steeg by phone at 1-888- 783-3642 or by fax at 1-712-475-3320.

Write to Sudenga Industries at, or by mail at P.O. Box 8, George, IA 51237.

Founded in George, IA in 1888 as an iron and woodworking shop, Sudenga Industries celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2013.

Sudenga Industries has grown to-be recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality, innovative, grain, feed and seed handling products.

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