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Sukup Mfg. Co, Adds Support Towers to Material Handling Lineup

Date Posted: October 17, 2013

Sheffield, IA—Sukup Mfg. Co. announced Oct. 17 it is expanding its Material Handling line-up with the addition of Support Tower Structures.

Sukup Towers are ideal for supporting Sukup Bucket Elevators.

They also may be used to attach conveyor catwalks or support a Sukup Double-Run or a Sukup Distributor.

Angled cross bracing and square tubing corner posts provide solid support for various heights, seismic zones and wind speeds.

The cross bracing is located high on the base section to allow for easy access to the equipment inside the tower.

Sukup Towers are available with both switchback and wrap around stairs.

“Sukup has had a comprehensive material handling line for several years now; it just makes sense that we would offer towers too. This falls in line nicely with our goal of being a one-stop shop, providing everything our customers need,” says David Brownmiller, Sukup Engineering Manager.

With the addition of Towers and the expansion of their Material Handling line, Sukup is erecting a 100,000 square foot Sukup Steel Building to house the increased production.

This building is the latest in the continuous expansion occurring at Sukup headquarters in Sheffield, IA.

For more information, call 641-892-4222.

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