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Sweet Manufacturing Company ... CalorMatic® Heat Processor

Date Posted: September 2, 2016

Sweet Manufacturing Company’s CalorMatic® multi-purpose heat processor uses a fluidized air bed to dry, roast, toast, bake, and sterilize a variety of free-flowing materials, eliminating direct contact with the flame to avoid scorching.

The CalorMatic® is designed to process materials such as soybeans, corn, oyster shells, waste materials, egg shells, birdseed, agricultural crops and other grains.

There is a rising popularity and considerable advantages to feeding heat-treated and dry-cooked whole, full fat soybeans versus traditional extracted or even extruded soybean meal, which may utilize chemical solvents to remove the natural oils and decrease energy content, as well as chemical antioxidants, rancidity, etc.

All livestock, including dairy cows, hogs, poultry, turkeys, etc., benefit greatly from the high density of energy and highest quality of oil protein found in full fat soybeans.

The CalorMatic® may also be used for drying a variety of products and converting waste recovery.

Any free-flowing product that can be dried HTST (high temperature, short time) is a potential candidate for the CalorMatic® heat processor.

Egg shell is converted from a costly waste product to a sanitized, salmonella free, mineral product.

Food and bakery waste is transformed into premium feed ingredients rich in nutritional value.

Dredged oyster shell is dried for further processing and packaging.

All of these applications utilize low cost raw materials to produce quality finished products for maximum profit margins.

The CalorMatic® provides maximum flexibility in product applications with uniform drying, while offering minimal investment and low cost of processing and maintenance.

This unique process removes fines and eliminates clumps, while gently handling the product.

It is considered the best concept in roasting or drying by providing consistency in product quality and nutrient values, while also preventing product contamination.

Sweet, a 61-year-old equipment manufacturer, has been producing CalorMatic® heat processors for over 26 years. Recently enhancements were made to the CalorMatic® including improvements to the efficiency of electrical components, updates to the control panel, addition of enhanced safety features, and new access/inspection points.

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