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Sweet Manufacturing Introduces New Flite-Veyor® 12 Series Conveyor

Date Posted: July 22, 2013

Sweet Manufacturing Company is excited to announce the introduction of a new Flite-Veyor® 12 series horizontal flat bottom drag conveyor.

The new conveyor is designed for capacities up to 4,000 BPH (102 MTPH) and provides a new conveyor option for our Bantam, Atom, Apollo, Duke and Prince model Silver-Sweet® bucket elevators.

It is easy to install and maintain.

The new Flite-Veyor® 12 series conveyor ships with preassembled trough sections to reduce installation time.

It features either a gear motor or v-belt drive and is made of heavy duty galvanized construction including premium components.

Many options are available to tailor this conveyor for your particular application.

Please visit our website,, to download our Flite-Veyor® 12 series horizontal flat bottom conveyor brochure, e-mail us at or call us at 937.325.1511 for additional information.

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