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Tranter Launches Regional Website

Date Posted: March 8, 2013

Wichita Falls, TX—Tranter is pleased to announce in conjunction with their global website, Tranter North America now has a regional site to provide a more tailored experience for their North American customers.

The North American regional website is the first of Tranters many regional sites to be launched for 2013.

The regional websites will allow Tranter to, not only communicate on a global scale, but promote the strengths of the individual regions.

This regionality allows for a more robust experience and connection with their customers on a more personal level.

The expansion of regional websites to support the global site parallel Tranter’s vision of a global company with local support.

When entering, visitors simply choose their local region from the drop down menu.

The information on the regional sites is tailored to that specific region allowing customers to understand the unique innovations of that region.

For example, Tranter North America features a Quick Ship Program, available only in the US, whereby select units and configurations are shipped within three days.

Regionality also allows for a more streamlined experience as other highlights such as local content, community involvement, regional tradeshows, and localized service are more quickly connected.

Throughout 2013, regions will be expanding to accommodate Tranter customers around the globe.

Visitors are encouraged to frequently click on as the regions are rolled out periodically throughout the year.

Tranter strives to continually improve customer experiences, and the additions of regional websites propel the company forward to achieving Best in Class Customer Service.

You are encouraged to learn more at

About Tranter

Tranter is a global engineering and manufacturing group specializing in thermal management in the process industries, district heating and within the building envelope.

Tranter is strongly committed to expansion and leadership in all aspects of the plate heat exchanger business.

Tranter strives to attain market leadership by applying a three-part philosophy: investing in R&D to maintain a competitive edge, providing customized products with a solution-driven approach and supporting its customers’ life-cycle investments through quality parts & service.

Backed by more than 70 years of exclusive focus on heat transfer,

Tranter has earned its reputation as “The Heat Transfer People.”

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