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USDA NASS Suspends Some Reports and Statistical Estimates Due to Sequestration

Date Posted: March 13, 2013

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service is suspending a number of statistical surveys and reports for the remainder of the fiscal year due to reduced funding caused by sequestration.

Before deciding upon the program suspensions, NASS reviewed its survey programs against mission- and user-based criteria as well as the amount of time remaining in the fiscal year to conduct the surveys with the goal of finding available cost savings and maintaining the strongest data in service to agriculture.

The decision to suspend these reports was not made lightly, but it was nevertheless necessary, given the funding situation.

• All Catfish and Trout Reports including Catfish Feed Deliveries and Catfish Processing

• July Cattle Report

• Potato Stocks Reports

• All Non-Citrus Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Forecasts and Estimates

• June Rice Stocks Report

• All Hops and Hops Stocks Estimates

• Mink Report

• Milk Production Reports including Production, Disposition and Income

• June on- and off-farm stocks for Austrian Winter Peas, Chickpeas, Dry Peas and Lentils

• July acreage forecasts for Austrian Winter Peas, Dry Edible Peas and Lentils

For more information, call 202-690-8122.

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