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USFGIS LLC Now Operating Barge to Container Transloading Services in New Orleans, LA

Date Posted: September 6, 2013

USFGIS L.L.C. is now offering facilitrade® barge to container trans-loading services in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our services include:

From barge into containers:

- unloading the barge and reloading the container

- trucking of empty to site, loading & returning containers to Terminal

- certified weight of cargo i.e. light weight, heavy weight and net cargo weight of trucks

- bulkhead/safety doors

- seals

- organize USDA inspection for grade, weight and/or phyto depending on product*

- container inspection at loading berth prior to stuffing

- supervision of load control and sampling throughout container loading

- supervision and general cargo condition observed during loading

- supervision of weighing as per full/empty container

- daily reporting and issuing of certificates and other necessary documents

Fumigation of barges with pellets/tablets (72hrs) and/or containers using Eco2 Fume (24hrs), barge draft, analysis and additional Facilitrade ® components available upon request.

All other fees, if applicable such as but not limited to *usda/fgis services, launch hire, sample dispatch, courier, etc., at cost.

The above is basis unloading barge in 4 days into about 70 containers with about 18-20 containers per 12 hr. shift day.

Call us at 1-800-346-8186 to further discuss your specific needs.

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