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USGC to Recognize Jim Stitzlein For 15 Years of Service at Annual Meeting

Date Posted: June 20, 2013

There's the official record of Jim Stitzlein's contributions to U.S. Grains Councilefforts – he's spoken at value-enhanced corn conferences and attended almost every USGC annual meeting since joining the Council 15 years ago.

Then there's what people say about Stitzlein.

"Jim has been a great asset for the Biotechnology Advisory Team," reported Andrew Conner, manager of global biotechnology.

"These issues can be incredibly challenging. Jim has been very helpful to the team and to staff. When we have questions, he guides us in the right direction."

"Everyone respects his opinions on trade and biotechnology," Conner said.

Stitzlein, who represents Consolidated Grain and Barge Co., has also been active in value-added export development.

"The Council's value-added efforts were a good 'fit' with our company's priorities," Stitzlein explained.

"I was interested in how we could make the grain we have more valuable to our customers. It's been useful to us to promote U.S. business with visits domestically and overseas through the Council's international offices."

"It's been an opportunity to learn what different customers need and want."

Stitzlein also values the biotechnology dialogue within the Council.

"It's been good to have growers, technology providers and traders able to talk together and understand the issues," he said.

"I think the rewards justify the effort we've invested in the Council."

Stitzlein will be recognized for his 15 years of dedicated service to the U.S. Grains Council during its 53rd Annual Board of Delegates Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario, July 29-31. Click here for meeting details.

Congratulations Jim!

For more information, call 202-789-0789.

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