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United Cooperative (WI) Named Among Top Coops; Sends Out Equity Revolvement Checks

Date Posted: October 30, 2013

Beaver Dam—As United Cooperative, based in Beaver Dam with locations throughout south-central and east-central Wisconson, is once, again, named to the top 100 list of agricultural cooperatives in the United States, they’re also celebrating another successful October patron member stock revolvement.

“In October, United Cooperative mailed approximately 15,000 stock-revolvement checks to patron members, totaling nearly $5 million,” stated David Cramer, United Cooperative president and chief executive officer.

Cooperatives are businesses organized by people to provide needed goods and services.

They are owned by the people who use their services and provide economic benefits to their members.

“In addition to the stock revolvement checks, we also paid $541,000 this year for age 77 retirement requests and estate settlements,” commented Cramer, “That means United Cooperative’s total stock revolvement, year-to-date, is more than $5.3 million.”

As of Sept. 30, total sales at United Cooperative are nearly $486 million.

“Following a merger on Oct. 1 with Hillsboro Farmers Cooperative Warehouse, formerly based in Hillsboro, we’re all working together as one to capture greater efficiencies, provide excellent customer service, and continue financial success in order to help our patron members maximize profitability and insure you have a reliable cooperative to depend on in the future,” stated Cramer.

“We are also very pleased that, once again, our passion for agriculture and our drive to be a financially-successful cooperative for our patron members was recently recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture,” added Cramer.

United Cooperative is number 54 on the top 100 list of agricultural cooperatives in the United States, in 2012, which was published in the September/October, 2013, edition of Rural Cooperatives magazine.

According to Rural Cooperatives, “Sales by agricultural co-ops of nearly $235 billion surpassed the previous record, set in 2011, by $18 billion, an 8.3-percent gain.”

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