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Viterra Commemorates Saskatoon, SK Grain Elevator Centennial

Date Posted: June 11, 2014

Saskatoon, SK—Viterra Inc. ("Viterra"), Canada's grain industry leader, today commemorated the 100th anniversary of its grain facility in Saskatoon at an event with employees, customers and government officials.

In his remarks to the audience, Kyle Jeworski, Viterra's President and CEO for North America said, "This facility is a testament to the history of agriculture in Saskatchewan, and symbolic of its success in serving local farmers for the last one hundred years.

"Viterra is proud to have this high performing facility in its asset network, and has been active in making ongoing investments to ensure it meet the needs of our customers and remains a Prairie landmark."

The facility was originally built in 1914 and operated as a Canadian Government Grain Elevator until 1979 when it was sold to the Northern Sales Company Ltd.

It was purchased by Viterra in 1990.

Today, the facility has a licensed storage capacity of 156,670 metric tonnes and is serviced by CN and CP with a rail capacity of up to 134 cars, making it one of Viterra's major terminals in its asset network.

Over the last several years, Viterra has made significant investments in the facility to modernize it, including new roadwork and improved dust and noise control systems.

Other enhancements include upgrades to the facility's shipping spouts, cleaners, dryers, electrical and mechanical systems.

The terminal was also the first Viterra site to have a colour sorter installed in it.

These measures have ensured that the elevator meets the highest standards and continues to have a positive impact for the community and local customers.

Investments like these are part of Viterra's overall commitment to operational excellence in Western Canada's grain handling system.

Over the last several years, the company has proactively made a series of infrastructure investments in its asset network to promote the efficient movement of agricultural commodities.

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