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W.D. Patterson Co. Names Mike King to Cover Iowa Territory

Date Posted: September 24, 2013

W.D. Patterson Company announced Sept. 24 the hiring of Mike King to cover our Iowa Territory.

We have known Mike and his abilities for many years and feel blessed to be able to welcome him, his wife Stacey and their two daughters Skyler and Makayla to the Patterson Family.

Many of you may know Mike from dealings with him in previous places that he has spent time. Mike earned his B.S. in Milling Science and Management from Kansas State University in December of 1991.

He started for Cargill in January 1992 in their Flour Milling Division down in Port Allen LA as a Project Engineer.

From there Cargill kept him moving up and in 1993 sent him to Saginaw, TX as a Milling Supervisor, then in 1994 to Springfield, IL in the same capacity.

They then moved him to Lake City, MN in 1995 to be the Project Manager.

In 1996, before Cargill moved him again, he found an opportunity to get back to KC.

This is where he and his wife Stacey wanted to call home and eventually start a family.

MAC Equipment added his skills to their staff.

In 1997, he found his true calling starting with the Representative firm here in KC, Hartsaw Equipment.

While at Hartsaw, Mike handled the Iowa Territory.

They had many competing lines to us and were focused on many of the same dry bulk material handling industries that we are.

This is where we got to know Mike and his work ethic, integrity and drive.

This came to an end in late 2003 as the firm was going thru difficult times and many of the good folks over there were forced to look for other opportunities.

He immediately found a spot with American Micro here in KC.

They were not able to keep him long as MAC again came calling and brought him back into the fold in early 2005.

While at MAC for the second time, they quickly moved him up the ladder recognizing his experience and skill set and was Director of Sales, East when they parted ways in the summer of 2010.

He started with Sentry Equipment immediately following his departure from MAC and was their Eastern Regional Sales Manager.

He has spent his three years there flying almost weekly into the Eastern and Southern US for direct sales and finding, selecting and training new representatives as well as all the other duties to manage and grow the territory.

What Mike discovered through his previous experiences is that he truly enjoyed the opportunity to help customers with their problems.

He liked the aspect of being able to listen and work with customers to offer a comprehensive solution to their issues.

To do this he needed to find a home with a sales representative.

The diversity of working with great principals on a multitude of different projects had gotten into his blood and he could not get rid of it.

The rest you might say is history.

The great thing is we were both very familiar with each other from bumping heads in the territory, on projects and at the many shows that we attend.

This is where we got to know Mike more as a friend.

A very good friend of mine once told me, and it is truly amazing, in this business it is easy to be competitors during the day and friends at night!

Mike will be starting with W.D. Patterson on October 7th and will office with us here in North Kansas City.

We are confident that he will hit the ground running, with his previous experience with similar lines and having already covered the Iowa Territory in his previous positions.

We are looking forward to his being with us for the long haul.

For more information, call 866-842-2790.

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