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Cargill to Open Cincinnati Elevator in November

Date Posted: October 28, 1998

Cargill announced October 27 it would begin operations in early November of its new $5.2 million dollar grain elevator located at 6761 Kellogg Ave. in Cincinnati.

It was built on the site of the original elevator, which was destroyed by the 1996 flood.

"This new facility is one of the most modern and efficient grain elevators in Ohio," said Richard Moreland, elevator manager.

"We built on the same site to show our commitment to the southwest Ohio agricultural community and help our customers build on their continued success through better productivity and efficiency."

The elevator contains six 96 foot concrete silos which can hold 50,000 bushels each.

There are two bins holding 10,000 bushels each and two metal containers with a storage capacity of 5,000 bushels each.

The elevator will have the capacity to unload up to 40,000 bph through two receiving pits, load barges at 40,000 bph and dry grain at 3,500 bph.

The elevator will link farm customers from Adams, Brown, Clinton, Clermont, Highland and Warren counties with U.S. export customers.

While operations will begin in early November, the plant is scheduled for completion in January 1999.

"We look forward to a productive and prosperous future through our commitment to meet the needs of our customers," Moreland said.

For more information, call Peggy Weller at 612-742-6608 or Jeff Hoevener at 815-747-2250.

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