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Inland Empire Oilseeds Sells First Batch of Canola Biodiesel Produced at Odessa, WA Plant

Date Posted: December 24, 2008

Odessa, WA—Inland Empire Oilseeds, LLC, announced Dec. 23 that it sold its initial production of 33,000 gallons of B100 biodiesel.

The canola based B100 met all specifications for ASTM 6751 (Certificate No. 111208030).

The company will now begin regular production of biodiesel for sale in the Pacific Northwest.

Inland Empire Oilseeds, LLC (IEO) was formed in 2006 in Odessa, Washington by local growers and grain cooperatives to process regionally produced oilseeds and to sell biodiesel and oilseed meal in Washington and nearby states.

The biodiesel refinery began operation in November 2008 and the crushing facility will start processing in June 2009.

The company is owned by Odessa Union Warehouse, Reardan Grain Growers, Reardan Seed Company, Green Star Products, Inc., Avista, and Michael Dunlap.

IEO is one of the few plants in the US to combine oilseed crushing and biorefining in one location.

Combining these operations gives the company a financial advantage due to reduced freight costs, streamlined logistics, process diversification, and the grouping of crush and biorefining margins in one facility.

The Odessa, WA plant is well positioned to receive canola and camelina seed grown on nearby farms as well as seed grown in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and southern Alberta.

The operation is located on the Burlington Northern main line and qualifies for low inbound freight rates due to the excellent rail access.

The plant will utilize a combination of oil produced in its own crushing line as well as vegetable oil purchased from other crushing plants.

Whether receiving oilseed or vegetable oil, the Odessa facility is situated in an excellent location to optimize freight and logistics.

IEO competitively provides biodiesel to the PNW market as well as export to the Pacific Rim.

Western Washington’s King County, the largest biodiesel consuming county in the U.S., is in the company’s core trade area.

The plant’s capacity is nominally rated at 8 million gallons of biodiesel per year and the operation will consume approximately 35,000 tons of locally produced oilseeds.

For more information, call 509-982-2970.

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