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National FlexFuel Awareness Campaign Helps Spur Interest In FFVs and Ethanol in Texas

Date Posted: February 24, 2011

Washington, DC—The National FlexFuel Vehicle Campaign partnered with the Alamo Area Council of Governments Clean Cities Coalition and Protec Fuel to hold a workshop entitled Energy Independence: Fueling Fleets and Vehicles with Ethanol recently.

Growth Energy sponsored the lunch for the workshop.

Christopher Ashcraft, Clean Cities Coordinator, Natural Resources Department, Alamo Area Council of Governments said, “The workshop was held to continue the steps towards advancing transportation choices and economic development in our region.

By increasing the use of ethanol to power our transportation system and decreasing the use of foreign oil, we will create greater energy security, economic growth, and improvements in air quality.”

The workshop informed local government officials, business decision makers, fleets, media professionals, and interested citizens on the benefits and opportunities of FlexFuel Vehicles and ethanol, and connected key FFV fleets with ethanol fuel providers.

Burl Haigwood, Project Manager, National FFV Awareness Campaign noted, “There are an estimated 450 zip codes in Texas with federal fleets with FFVs that have been waivered from using E85 to meet the petroleum reduction targets of the Energy Policy Act of 1992.”

The National FlexFuel Vehicle Awareness Campaign will work with the ethanol and renewable energy stakeholders in Texas to help locate and educate fleet manager as well as motivate the 700,000 private FFV owners in Texas to use higher than 10% blends of ethanol in order to help meet the nation’s renewable fuel standard.

Michelle Kautz, Public Relations/Development Director for Protec Fuel said, "Educating fleets and various retailers with regard to options they have to respond to the demand for alternative fuels is a key piece of the puzzle.

"There is a great need for additional E85 fueling locations in the San Antonio and Austin area and we are looking forward to continuing to work with all interested parties in these cities and their fleets.”

Christopher Ashcraft ended the workshop saying, “The Alamo Area Clean Cities Coalition will be developing an ethanol workgroup that will be comprised of local fleets, interested citizens, government, industry, and fuel providers in order to increase ethanol fueling infrastructure.”

For more information, to participate in the Ethanol Working Group, or to review workshop presentations please visit the Alamo Area Council of Governments Clean Cities Coalition website.

To learn more about the economic, environmental, energy, and national security benefits of using higher than 10% blends of ethanol in FFVs please visit our program website at

For more information, call 301-718-0077.

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