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Rapat's Grain Distributors

Date Posted: September 8, 2006

Hawley, MN--The Gerber line of grain distributors have been manufactured since 1878.

Rapat Corp. bought the Gerber product line of material handling equipment in 1991 and has been manufacturing Gerber’s three styles of distributors ever since.

Gerber grain distributors are all very well recognized in the industry,” said Sales Manager Todd Sparrow. “These have been used for years, and operators know they can rely on the Gerber name.”

Rotary Valve

The Gerber Rotary Valve distributor features one intake and up to 24 discharge ducts. The Rotary Valve distributor is capable of a 45,900 bph flow rate.

The unit is also set up for manual or electric controls.


Gerber’s Swing-Flo distributor is specifically designed to be mounted against a wall, in applications where space is at a premium.

The Swing-Flo features either a single or a double intake, with three to 18 discharge ducts.

Swing-Flo distributors are custom-made, so various capacities are available.


Gerber’s Roto-Flo can feature up to four intakes, with space for 36 discharge ducts. Capacity ranges from 3,200 bph to 29,400 bph.

For more information, call 800-325-6377.

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