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113th IAOM Annual Conference & Expo ... April 27 - May 1 ... Grand Rapids, MI ... Click Here


Sixth Heat Treatment Workshop ... May 13-15 ... Kansas State University ... Manhattan, KS Read more

IAOM Flour City District Spring Meeting ... April 3 ... Bloomington, MN Read more

IAOM Wheat State and Central Districts' Joint Spring Meeting and Conference ... March 27-28 ... Manhattan, KS Read more

GEAPS and IAOM to Hold 13th Annual Great Lakes Regional Conference ... Angola, IN ... April 15-17 Read more

OK Wheat Commission Appoints Mike Schulte Executive Director Read more

Flooding and USDA Prospective Plantings Report Raises Concerns About Global High-Quality Wheat Supplies Read more

Wheat Transportation Costs Continue to Decrease in 4Q Read more

Kansas Wheat: Late Winter Storm Has Mixed Results for Wheat Crops Across Plains Read more

USDA ERS Issues "Consequences of Higher Input Costs and Wheat Prices for U.S. Wheat Producers" Report Read more

Chinese Wheat Production to Reach 111 Million Tons Despite Drought Read more



Continued Dry Conditions Could Claim Much of Northern Texas Wheat Crop Read more

Frost Damages Some Northern Chinese Wheat, But Ag Ministry Sees Minimal Impact Read more

Russian 2009-10 Wheat Harvest Likely to Exceed Record 2008-09 Production Read more

Pakistani Union of Small and Medium Enterprises Urges Government Not to Import Wheat As Domestic Production Can Meet Target Read more

USDA Sees Potential Record 24 Million Tonne Wheat Crop for Pakistan in 2009-10 Read more

Indian Government Wheat Purchases to Create Massive Surplus Read more

Sindh Government (Pakistan) Likely to End Inter-District Wheat Movement Soon to Ensure Procurement Targets Read more

India Unlikely to Subsidize Wheat Exports When Ban is Lifted Read more

Egypt Expects to Buy Between 2 and 2.5 Million Metric Tons of Wheat From Domestic Producers Read more

Egyptian Grain Firm Cairo 3A Likely to Double Wheat Import to 1.5 Million Metric Tons on Higher Demand From Syria and Saudi Arabia Read more


Japan Likely to Make Three-Year Record Wheat Imports of 4.91 Metric Tons in New Fiscal Year Read more

Rains in Punjab and Haryana Not Likely to Hurt Wheat Production Read more

Rail and Port Bottlenecks Threaten Australian Wheat Trade With Indonesia Read more

Montana Flour and Grains Hopes to Contract for More Acres of Khorasan Wheat Read more

Montana Grain Growers Assn. Hopeful About Winter Wheat Crop ... Video Read more

Oregon State University Study Suggests Airborne Wheat Diseases Pose Much Greater Threat Than Previously Believed Read more

Oregon Wheat Farmers League Petitions Congress for National Exemption From Interstate Commerce Regulation Read more

Possible Cut in Wheat Acres Due to Red River Valley Flood Likely Mitigated By High Global Wheat Production Read more

New Book on Dietary Fiber Focuses on Resolving International Discussion of the Concept Read more

North Dakota Wheat Commission: Red River Flood Could Cut Wheat Planting By 500,000 Acres Read more



BNSF Train Carrying Wheat Derails in Williston, ND Read more

U.S. Wheat Associates Looks Forward to Competition With Australia Over Iraqi Wheat Market Read more

Afghanistan Hopes to Establish New Wheat Trade Route With India Bypassing Pakistan Read more

Scottish Wheat Growers Concerned Over Price Expectations Due to High Global Production Read more

Asian Countries Turn to U.S. and Canadian Wheat As Rail and Port Bottlenecks Delay Australian Shipments Read more

Developing Countries Could Lead Global Push for GM Wheat Read more

Demand for Hard White Wheat Continues to Grow Due to Fiber and Vitamin Content Read more

Developing Countries Could Lead Global Push for GM Wheat Read more

Demand for Hard White Wheat Continues to Grow Due to Fiber and Vitamin Content Read more

Foreign Export Traders Take About 24% of Australian Wheat Market Under Deregulated System Read more


Quarterly Flour Production Reports Read more

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