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Edited by Frank Zaworski, Milling Journal Editor

Millers From Around the World Gather in Orlando, FL for 112th Conference Read more

Wheat Quality Council Announces Kansas Wheat Tour Results: Average Acre Yield of 43.3 Bushels, Up 2.3 Bushels Read more

Kansas Wheat Tour Day 1: Tour Starts in Manhattan ... Video Read more

Kansas Wheat Tour Day 2: Healthier Crop Found in Eastern Kansas ... Video Read more

Kansas Wheat Tour Day 3: Crop Estimated at 379.1 Million Bushels Read more

Kansas Wheat Alliance Engages Kansas Crop Improvement Association for Temporary Administrative Management Read more

Leaf Rust Showing Up on Great Plains Wheat Read more



Input Costs Have Wheat Farmers Rethinking Benefit of Strong Prices Read more

Georgia Projects Nearly Double Wheat Production Over 2007 Read more

Record World Wheat Production Could Mean Drop in U.S. Exports Read more

USDA May Wheat Outlook Report: Continued High Farm Prices Projected for 2008/09 Read more

GIPSA Revises Procedures for Inspecting Wheat for Insect-Damaged Kernels Read more

ERS International Wheat Outlook for 2008-2009 Report Read more

Louisiana Wheat Growing Conditions Good Read more


Kansas Wheat Tour Shows Improved Crop Probable Read more

USDA May Crop Production Report: Winter Wheat Production Up 17% From 2007 Read more

Total Grain Export Inspections Drop, But Wheat Remains Strong Read more

USDA Reports 300,000 Metric Tons Hard Red Winter Wheat Sold to Iraq Read more

Kansas State's Wheat Genetics Expert Bikram Gill Highly Relied Upon By Peers Read more

Oklahoma Wheat Crop Estimate Rebounds Read more

Glyphosate and Paraquat Drift Evident in Some Mid-South Wheat Read more


Kansas City Board of Trade April Volume Tops March Read more

Record World Wheat Production Forecast for 2008/09 Read more

Japan Looks at Subsidizing Rice Flour Production as Alternative to Wheat Flour Read more

Western Australia Grain Planting Gets Good Start With Rain Read more

Soaring Food Prices and Global Food Shortages Relax Resistance to GM Wheat Read more

Agronomists Find Army Cutworms in South Dakota Winter Wheat Fields Read more


Quarterly Flour Production Reports Read more

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