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IAOM Central and Wheat State District ... July 30-Aug. 1 ... Lake of the Ozarks, MO ... Read more  

IAOM Flour City District Fall Meeting ... Aug. 21-22 ... Alexandria, MN ... Read more  



IAOM 2009-2010 Officers/Directors Read more

Call for Education Presentations for 114th Annual Conference and Expo in Las Vegas Read more

Exhibitor Info for 4th Annual IAOM Eurasia District Conference and Expo ... Sept. 23-25 ... Moscow Read more

USDA June Acreage Report: Corn Planted Acreage Up 1% from 2008; Soybean Acreage Up 2%; All Wheat Acreage Down 5% Read more

Kansas Wheat Harvest Report Day 10: Havest Begins to Wind Down in Southern Part of State, But Remains in Full Swing in North Read more

2009 Kansas Wheat Harvest Quality Survey Web Site Read more

KCBT Issues 2009 Wheat Marketwatch Read more

KCBT June Volume Tops May Volume by 83.4% Read more

Kansas Wheat: Harvest Season Is Also Trade Team Season for State Wheat Organizations Read more

Star of West Milling Adds Wheat Storage Elevator at Churchville, NY MIl Read more

Snavely's Mill Inc. President Jerry Snavely Retires After 26 Years Read more

Dr. Dirk Maier on KSU Grain Science Growth Priorities Read more

KSU Grain Science Complex Update Read more



NGFA: Senate Report on Wheat Futures Contracts Provides Important Contribution in Efforts to Enhance Contract Performance Read more

Senate Study Finds Excessive Speculation in Wheat Market; Recommends Contract Volume Limits Read more

K-State??s Grain Science Department Introduces Wheat Harvest Survey Mapping Tool Read more

General Mills Reports Full-Year Net Earnings of $1.3 Billion, Up 1% From Full-Year 2008 Read more

Wheat Groups See Introduction of Biotech and Expanding Markets As Key for Growing U.S. Wheat Industry Read more

Macquarie Group Ltd. Says Wheat Has More Potential "Downside Risk" Than Corn or Soybeans; Market Attempting to Locate Bottom Read more

Late Fall Harvest Led Kansas Producers to Plant Smallest Winter Wheat Crop Since 1957 Read more

Bidwells Agribusiness Global Cost of Production Challenge Survey Finds UK Wheat Among Cheapest to Produce Read more

Oklahoma Wheat Production Likely to Be Down Over 50% From Last Year Read more

Clay County, KS Family Harvests Wheat Using Old-Fashioned Binding and Threshing Machinery Read more

Arkansas Wheat Yields Low So Far, But Quality Looks Good Read more

Montana Grain Growers Assn. Hopes GM Wheat Can Soon Help Solve Production Issues Read more

Indiana Wheat Crop Forecast Down 23% From Last Year Read more



Michigan Winter Wheat Production Expected to Fall Due to Acreage Cut and Cool Spring Read more

Statistics Canada Issues June Principle Field Crops Report: Spring Wheat Acreage Up; Soybean Acreage Hits New Record; Slight Decline for Canola Read more

CWB Survey Shows Canadian Wheat Farmers Opposed to GM Wheat Until Market Conditions Change Read more

CWB Online Mapping Tool Helps Producers Target Wheat Pests Read more

CWB Sees Tight Global Supplies of High-Quality Wheat Read more

Canadian Producers Surprised at Return to Debate Over Biotech Wheat Read more

Most Western European Crops Reach Maturity Before Recent Heat Wave Can Do Much Damage Read more

Russian Grain Firm Rosinteragroservis Files Complaint Against Egyptian Traders Firm Over Delay in Release of Wheat Vessel Read more

Russia and Egypt Sign Long-Term Wheat Export Agreement Read more

Russia Certifies Two PAVA Mills for Manufacture of Wholemeal Flour Read more

Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan Grain Pool Likely to Be Largest Wheat Exporter in World Read more

Kazakhstan Forecasts 2.5-3 Million Tons in Flour Exports Per Year Read more

Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan to Construct Flour Milling Complex at Baku Grain Terminal Joint Venture Read more


International E-Newsletter

Ancient Wheat Granary Fire Gives Scientists Clues About Early Farm Production Read more

ABARE: Reduction in Global Wheat Crop Unlikely to Push Prices Up for Australian Growers Read more

CBH Group Expects Wheat Export Bottlenecks to Be Addressed by Year-End Read more

India Postpones Decision on Wheat Exports Due to Monsoon Shortfall Read more

Argentina Could Cease Wheat Exports Due to Drought Read more

Worst Drought in 50 Years Likely to Bring Reduction in Wheat Yield in Western Canada Read more

China Completes 90% of Summer Wheat Harvest Read more

China May Wheat Imports Up 103% Over April Read more

Singapore Biodiesel Firm Van der Horst Energy to Begin Producing Enzymes for Flour and Baking Industries Read more

Iraq Buys 250,000 Metric Tons of U.S. and Australian Wheat Read more

South African Wheat Production Likely to Decline Due to Strengthening Rand Discouraging Planting Read more

USDA FAS Issues "Trade Policies-Are They Implicated in Plant-Disease Spread?" Report on Ug99 in Kenya Read more


Quarterly Flour Production Reports Read more

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