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KSU International Grains Program Posts New Wheat, Flour Marketing, Quality Evaluation Web Site Based on Wheat Marketing Center Textbook Read more

IAOM Flour City District Fall Meeting and Conference ... Aug. 21-23 ... Alexandria, MN Read more

IAOM Wolverine, Ohio Valley and Niagara Districts' Fall Meeting ... Sept. 12-13 ... Columbus, OH Read more

IAOM Western Canadian District Fall Conference and Meeting ... Sept. 24-26 ... Saskatoon, SK Read more

IAOM Southeastern District Fall Meeting ... Oct. 1-3 ... Myrtle Beach, SC Read more

Pakistani Flour Millers Set to Strike If Government Continues Ban on Inter-Provincial Wheat Movement Read more

Montana Wheat Crop Likely to Produce Strong Yields Read more

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Wheat Trials Produce 100 Bushels Per Acre in Fumas County Read more



Tennessee Winter Wheat Crop Expected to Yield Record 65 Bushels Per Acre Read more

Argentine Wheat Planting Nears Completion; Estimated Hectares Down Due to Drought and Tax Dispute Read more

Western Oregon Farmers Harvest Increasing Wheat Acreage Due to Favorable Prices Read more

K-State Extension: Obtain Seed From Reliable Source to Deter Mixtures of Red and White Wheat Read more

Wheat Stem Sawfly Infestation Grows in Eastern North Dakota Read more

North Dakota Quality Council Wheat Tour Shows Mostly Positive Results Read more

U.S. Durum and Sping Wheat Yields Very High Read more

Durum Wheat Crops in Montana and North Dakota Show Low Yield Potential Due to Lack of Soil Moisture Read more


Bad Weather Makes for Glut of Feed Wheat in Europe Read more

Drought and Virus Infection Make for Poor Texas Wheat Harvest Read more

Iowa Wheat Farmers Profit Big From Record Harvest Read more

Informa Report Suggests Canadian Wheat Board Does Only an Average Job of Earning Farmers Money Read more

GrainCorp Ltd.: Rain Eases Worries About Australian Wheat Crop Read more

Despite Deregulation, AWB Expects to Remain Australia's Top Wheat Exporter Read more

Low Quality Feed Wheat Likely to Make Up 80% of Ukraine Harvest Read more


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North Carolina State University Ag Scientists Search for Solutions for Wheat Stem Rust Disease Read more

Egypt Seeks 55,000-60,000 Tons of Wheat for September Shipment Read more

ARS Scientists Identify Western Wheat Fungal Disease Culprits With Molecular Genetics Read more

Wheat Strains Developed by Washington State University Dominate State Acreage Read more

Central Chinese Province Wheat Harvest Yields Record 30.6 Billion KG Read more

Britain's Wheat Planting Up 14% Read more

Despite Wheat Stem Rust Threat, Government Spending for Ag Research Remains Flat Read more


Quarterly Flour Production Reports Read more

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