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Utica Energy, LLC Begins Production at Ethanol Plant in Wisconsin

Date Posted: May 22, 2003

Washington, DC--The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) on May 22 congratulated Utica Energy, LLC for beginning production at its ethanol plant near Oshkosh, WI.

The plant is the 73rd ethanol plant operating in the U.S. During construction Utica Energy was known as Algoma Ethanol.

"We congratulate Utica Energy on the start-up of another state-of-the-art ethanol plant in Wisconsin," said Bob Dinneen, RFA president.

"Wisconsin is a large consumer of ethanol-blended gasoline. Producing more ethanol in-state equates to more local jobs and less money headed out of state.

"Further, the livestock industry in Wisconsin dovetails perfectly with an ethanol plant's high-value feed co-products. Being able to sell wet distillers grains locally will give Utica Energy a competitive advantage."

The Utica Energy, LLC plant will process 8 million bushels of corn into 20 million gallons of ethanol and 175,000 tons of distillers wet grains annually. The plant will also capture 175 tons of carbon dioxide per day.

The plant was built by Agra Construction out of Merrill, Wisconsin utilizing a process design from Delta-T Corp. of Williamsburg, Virginia. Utica Energy is using Eco-Energy, Inc. of Franklin, Tennessee to market their ethanol.

"We are very pleased with the smooth start-up of the plant," said Paul Olsen, President of Utica Energy. "The local dairies and livestock feeders are extremely pleased with the new source of high-protein wet distillers grains.

"And we are pleased to provide a new high-value market for local corn farmers. The ethanol plant is just the start of several value-added ventures that will benefit the local agriculture economy."

Currently, 73 ethanol plants nationwide have the capacity to produce over 2.89 billion gallons annually. There are nine ethanol plants under construction.

For more information, visit the Renewable Fuels Association website (see below).

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