Date Posted: Apr. 03 2001

Diamondback Flour, Bran and Midds Hopper Retrofit

The Diamondback Flour, Bran and Midds Hopper Retrofit eliminates arching and ratholing even with the most difficult-to-handle milling products.

Unlike a conventional conical hopper, the Diamondback's patented one-dimensional convergence design with side relief provides little support for arches.

At the same time, the dynamic design provides uniform, consistent flow.

As a result, even the stickiest materials flow without mechanical agitation.

"Milling companies typically use vibrated hoppers to resolve discharge problems," says the Diamondback's inventor, Dr. Jerry R. Johanson.

"Unfortunately, unless vibration is applied at the precise, appropriate position, the same vibration that loosens midds or bran often recompacts the product, which then hardens into solid blocks that either remain as an integral part of the bin's structure, or dislodge to block the outlet. It's a self-perpetuating, destructive cycle."

The Diamondback Bran and Midds Retrofit replaces leaking belly bands and easily attaches to 8- and 12-foot-diameter vibrating hoppers or existing circular and rectangular stationary hoppers.

When equipped with a sloping extension chute, it's possible to load trucks in seconds virtually dust-free.

Adding air permeation increases load-out rates to as high as 11,000 pounds per minute.

The stainless steel Diamondback Midds and Hopper Retrofit comes with a standard 24-inch outlet for truck loading, or is available with smaller outlet sizes to fit other applications.

For extremely cakeprone material or high temperature and high moisture midds, optional oscillating interior plates are also available.

For more information, call 805-544-3775.

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