Grain Products/Services

  • Aeration Design Service
  • Aeration Ductwork
  • Aeration Fans - Axial
  • Aeration Fans - Centrifugal
  • Aeration Roof Exhausters
  • Airlock Manufacturers
  • Bin Unloaders
  • Bin Vents
  • Dust Collection - Cartridge
  • Dust Collection - Compressed Air
  • Dust Collection Sys. Design
  • Dust Collectors - Cyclone
  • Dust Collectors - Reverse
  • Dust Control/Receiving Pit
  • Dust Filter Replacement Bags
  • Pneumatic Conveyor Accessories
  • Pneumatic Conveyor Manufacturers
  • Pneumatic Receiver - Cartridge

Company Info


PO Box 398
Falls City, NE 68355
South Hwy 73
Fax: 402-245-5196
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Key Personnel (Click name to email)
Doug Watkins, General Manager
Todd Morey, Sales Manager & Aeration Sales
Nathan Huning, Filtration Sales

Company Profile

AIRLANCO manufactures air management equipment and systems for customers in the grain, wood, food, feed, chemical, mining, milling, and other industries. Besides offering complete dust and air pollution control anywhere dry bulk products are handled, the company provides aeration and pneumatic conveying equipment. AIRLANCO’s premium AIRAUGER® system safely and efficiently empties leftover product from grain bins.

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Aeration - Aeration Fans and Systems
Aeration - AIRAUGER® Systems
Aeration -
Dust Collection - Dust Control Solutions
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Aeration -
Aeration - Aeration Fans and Systems
Aeration - AIRAUGER® Systems