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A Division of Global Industries, Inc.
PO Box 629
Clay Center, KS 67432-0629
Fax: 785-632-5964
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Key Personnel (Click name to email)
Rick Hanson, General Manager/President
Brian Thomas, Engineering Manager
Jared Hopper, Sales and Marketing Manager
Cory Pladson, Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager

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Bin Unloaders/Sweeps -
Bin Unloaders/Sweeps - Drive-Over Chain Conveyor
Bin Unloaders/Sweeps - NexGen 3000 Commercial Sweep
Conveyors -
Conveyors - Dual Hopper Chain Conveyor
Conveyors - Mass-Ter Mover/Mass-Ter Flow
Tractor Augers -
Tractor Augers - Chain Commander 130