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Biofuels Products/Services

  • DDG/Wet Cake Analysis
  • Fermentation Process Analyzers
  • Grain Testing Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Moisture/Solids Analyzers
  • Process Analyzers

Grain Products/Services

  • Falling Number Test Kits
  • Grain Analyzers
  • Grain Testing
  • Grinding/Subsampling Mill
  • Hammermills
  • Laboratory Services
  • Moisture Analyzers
  • Moisture Testers
  • NIR - Near Infrared
  • Protein Analyzer Repair
  • Protein Analyzers
  • Seed Testing

Milling Products/Services

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Falling Numbers Testing Equipment
  • Fiber & Fat Analysis Equipment
  • Flour Milling/Testing Equipment
  • Flour Starch Damage Determination Equipment
  • Grain Analyzer
  • Grinders
  • Hammermills
  • Laboratory Consultation
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Laboratory Mill
  • Moisture Analysis Equipment
  • Moisture Determination
  • NIR Equipment
  • Pellet Mills
  • Protein Analysis Equipment
  • Test Milling
  • Wheat Gluten
  • Whole Grain NIR Analysis

Company Info

Perten Instruments, Inc.

6444 S. 6th St.
Springfield, IL 62712
Fax: 217-585-9441
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Key Personnel (Click name to email)
Gavin O'Reilly, President
Larry Black, Inside Sales & Service Contact
Terry Allen, Vice President Business Development
Ralph Hewitt, Manager-Process Instrumentation
Brian Schultetus, Industrial Business Development Specialist
Ed Arsenault, Canadian Regional Manager
Jim Powers, Central Regional Manager
Joshua Hudson, South-Mid-West Regional Manager
Tom Sliffe, Key Account Manager
Robin Lavengood, Western Regional Manager
Brian Borysewicz, Southeast Regional Manager
Ryan Taylor, Mid-West Regional Manager
Magnus Nilsson, Upper Mid-West Regional Manager
Charlie Kauffman, Rheology Product Manager
Wes Shadow, Business Development Manager

Company Profile

The Perten Instruments Group provides tools for quality control to the milling, grain, feed and food industries.

These include near-infrared analyzers, laboratory mills, single kernel analyzers and instruments that characterize gluten and starch quality for the milling industry.

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Grain Grading/Lab Testing -
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - 4g Flour and Dough Rheology - micro-doughLAB
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - Approved Grain Moisture Meter – AM 5200
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - Falling Number
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - Flour & dough Rheology – doughLAB
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - Gluten Analysis - Glutomatic
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - Lab/At-line NIR Analysis System – DA 7250
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - Lab Mills
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - Lab Mills
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - NIR Process Analyzer - DA 7300
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - NIR Whole Grain Analyzer – IM 9500 Plus
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - Performance Analyzer – Rapid Visco Analyser (RVA)
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - Single Kernel Analysis – SKCS 4100
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - Texture Analyzer – TVT
Grain Grading/Lab Testing - Volume Analyzer – BVM
Grain Grading/Lab Testing -

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Grain Grading - DA 7250 Biofuels Analysis System
Grain Grading - RVA 4500 Performance Analyzer
Grain Grading -