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Company Info

BinMaster Level Controls

Division of Garner Industries
7201 N. 98th St
Lincoln, NE 68507
Fax: 402-434-9133
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Key Personnel (Click name to email)
Scott Hudson, EVP of Sales & Marketing
Todd Peterson, Director of Business Development
Nathan Grube, Sales Manager
Matt Virgillito, Sales Manager
Scott Bonine, Sales Manager
Mike Mossage, 3D Level Scanner Sales Manager
Tim Stattler, Technical Support Manager

Company Profile

BinMaster produces a variety of high quality electromechanical and solid state point level devices.

Our products are sold worldwide to industry leaders for measuring solid, liquid and slurry materials.

View BinMaster Level Controls Ads in the 2016 Equipment Catalog

Level Indicators -
Level Indicators - 3DLevelScanner Multiple-Point Accuracy
Level Indicators - BinView Internet Bin Level Monitoring
Level Indicators - BMRX and MAXIMA + Rotary Level Indicators
Level Indicators - PROCAP Capacitance Probes
Level Indicators - SmartBob Inventory Measurement System
Level Indicators - Vibrating Rod Level Sensor

View BinMaster Level Controls Ads in the 2014 BioFuels Equipment Catalog

Level Monitoring - MVL Multi-Scanner System
Level Monitoring -