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Kudzu Bugs Spread Into Washington, D.C. Area, Southern DE, and AK Soybean Fields (WTVA)

Alaska Air Group 2013 Sustainability Report and 2020 Goals Include Aviation Biofuels

Alaska Airlines to Source Alternative Jet Fuel From Hawaii Bioenergy

Biodiesel Production Has Unique Challenges For Alaska Waste (W&RN)

AK Farmer Opens Alaska Flour Co. to Address State Food Security Concern (News Miner)

Fire Island Wind Project in Anchorage, AK Closes Financing

Commentary: Wisconsin Losing Wind Industry Jobs Due to Uncertainty in State Policies (

Defense Department Learns Lesson About Need to Study Wind Regime Before Turbine Installation (CBS News)

Alaska Airlines to Launch Biofuel Commercial Service in United States

Regulatory Approval Secured For First Alaska Utility-Scale Wind Farm (

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Alaska Seed Growers Association

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