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Monsanto Disappointed In Lack of Agreement With Argentina Ministry of Agriculture Concerning Soybean Technology

Monsanto Suspends Sale of New Soybean Seeds in Argentina (STL BizJournal)

Argentina Brings In Dredger to Clear River Channels and Improve Grain Export Logistics

Argentina Wheat Exports More Than Double During First Quarter Following Policies Implemented By President Macri

Monsanto Considers Moving Away From Argentina's Soybean Market

Monsanto May Withdraw From Argentina Due to Royalty Collection Difficulties

Severe Storms and Flooding Destroy 15% of Argentina's Soybean Crop

Argentina's Corn Ethanol Producers Ready to Increase Production Up to 60% to Support Government Boosting Fueling Blending Minimum

Monsanto Said to Reject Argentina Request in Seed Dispute

Argentina Government Increases Ethanol Blending Mandate From 10 to 12%, Effective Immediately

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ARGENTINA (ExINASE) Direccion de Certificacion y Control

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