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CHS Invests in Deep-Water Port Export Terminal at Necochea, Argentina

Argentina Grain Shipping Blocked by Grounded Ship in Parana River (MercoPress)

Largest Argentina Grain Port Likely to See Bottleneck Due to Grounded Ship (Bloomberg)

Argentina Biodiesel Exports Could Get Hit Hard With EU Tariffs in 2014 (Reuters)

Argentina Begins Delivering Soybean Meal to Azerbaijan (ABC.AZ)

Argentina Stalls Monsanto Corn Project on Environmental Concerns (WSJ)

Argentina Grain Exporters and Farmers Expect to Sell $2 Billion in Soybeans in Next Month (Bloomberg)

GEAPS and K-State Offer Study Abroad in Argentina ... May 23-June 1

Analysis: Brazil's Port Expansion, Not Panama Canal's, the Real Risk For Argentina Trade (BAH)

Argentina Government Orders Grain Crushers Union Workers Back to Work Pending Negotiations (Reuters)

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ARGENTINA (ExINASE) Direccion de Certificacion y Control

Southern Seeds Production SA

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