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Argentina Soybean Harvest to Set Record as Country Prepares For Decreased Wheat Harvest

Argentina Targets Significant Increase in Wheat Shipments and Corn Exports Following Presidential Election

Argentina May Have Figured Out How to Get GMOs Right (WIRED)

Soybean Developer Bioceres to Be First Argentina IPO Since 2000

Argentine Soybean Trait Developor Awaits NYSE IPO (ESM)

Argentina Customs Officials Halt Rice Shipment Following Discovery of Cocaine Presence

Argentina to Offer Subsidized Loans to Farmers to Prevent Corn Acreage Decline

Flood Conditions and Decreased Acreage to Cut Argentina Wheat Output

Argentina Corn Exports to Fall By One-Third During 2015-2016 Season (Agri Money)

Argentina Plants 9.27 Million Acres of Wheat; Down From 2014 Due to Dry Conditions (Agro News)

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ARGENTINA (ExINASE) Direccion de Certificacion y Control

Southern Seeds Production SA

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