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Arkansas Farmer's Allegation Against Syngenta Accuses Company of Contaminating U.S. Corn Seed to Promote GMO to China (Arkansas Business)

Arkansas Legislators Prepare Bill to Regulate Grain Traders Following Turner Grain Collapse (Arkansas Business)

Wheat-Harming Fungus Found in Central and Eastern Arkansas Fields (KATV)

University of Arkansas Scientists Develop Non-GM Soybean That Produces Higher Protein and Bushels Per Acre Than Conventional Soybeans (Times Record)

Arkansas Political Leaders Encourage Iraq to Purchase U.S. Rice

Lower Crop Prices Cause Arkansas to Cut Wheat Acreage By 16% Compared to 2014 (Delta Farm Press)

Low Bid Prices Lead to Sharp Decline in Arkansas Wheat Plantings (Newton County Times)

USDA Report Shows Arkansas Winter Wheat Planting Down 16% From 2015 (Stuttgart Daily Leader)

Arkansas Releases High-protein Soybean Aimed at Feed Market

USDA Report Shows AR Wheat Planting Down 16% Compared to 2013 (WMC Action News)

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Arkansas Drier & Warehousemans Association

Arkansas State Plant Board

Arkansas State Plant Board

Arkansas Valley Seed

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Cullum Seed, LLC

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Arkansas Daily Grain

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Arkansas State Plant Board

Arkansas Valley Seed