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Low Prices, Dry Weather Limit Arkansas Winter Wheat Acreage

AR Growers Discuss How They Grew 100+ BPA Soybeans

Manila, AR Fire Department Receives New Grain Bin Rescue Equipment

Nucor-Yamato Steel Company Donates Safety Harnesses For Monette, AR Fire Department

Heavy Rains Cause $46 Million of Damage on Arkansas Rice Crop

Severe Flooding in Northeastern AR Mostly Unreported

Diaz, AR Fire Department Receives Grain Bin Rescue Tube Donation From Poinsett Rice

AR Grain Sorghum Crop Damaged By Pre-Harvest Sprouting

Poinsett Rice and Grain Donates Grain Bin Rescue Tube to Diaz, AR Fire Department

AR Grain Harvest Delayed Up to Ten Days Due to Heavy Rainfall and Rising Water Levels

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Arkansas Drier & Warehousemans Association

Arkansas State Plant Board

Arkansas State Plant Board

Arkansas Valley Seed

Cache River Valley Seed LLC

Cullum Seed, LLC

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March 21 - 23, 2017 ... IAOM Electrical Training Course ... Cowley College ... Arkansas City, KS


Arkansas Daily Grain

Arkansas Rice Mills

Arkansas State Plant Board

Arkansas Valley Seed