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IAOM Milling Technician Specialization Certificate Course Now Held at Cowley College in Arkansas City, KS

Maumelle, AR Citizens Express Concern Over Planned $12 Million Ethanol Distribution Facility

Green Plains Partners LP and Delek US Holdings to Build $12 Million Ethanol Terminal in Maumelle, AR

Bunge Donates Grain Bin Rescue Equipment to South Arkansas Rope Rescue Team

University of Arkansas Soybean Breeder Develops New Conventional Soybean Variety With Increased Yields and Protein

Arkansas Researchers Develop High-yielding, High-protein Soybean Variety

Five Men Arrested For Theft of $130,000 of Soybeans and Corn in McCrory, AR

AR Plant Board Expected to Approve Rules Regulating Grain Dealers

USDA Projects Record Yields For AR Soybeans, Sorghum, and Corn

USDA NASS Report Shows AR Corn and Sorghum Approaching Maturity

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Arkansas Drier & Warehousemans Association

Arkansas State Plant Board

Arkansas State Plant Board

Arkansas Valley Seed

Cache River Valley Seed LLC

Cullum Seed, LLC

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Arkansas Daily Grain

Arkansas Rice Mills

Arkansas State Plant Board

Arkansas Valley Seed